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Take part at our fair network of local tourism. Pay less and if you like our work contribute with a voluntary amount to support our work.

Here you can see the activities offered in Rio!

In Rio de Janeiro we work with partners who share our vision of tourism. We have local partners:

  • who work directly with tourism, e. g. guides (the favela tour)
  • who work indirectly with tourism, e. g. chefs (the cooking workshop)
  • who work independently from tourism, e. g. teachers (the music and dance activities)

We include existing activities/programs in our portfolio and we also develop new programs/activities in cooperation with our partners.

Our work is to identify and communicate activities, people and projects that fit our understanding of tourism. Our partners are tested by us, but they are self-responsible. After we set up the contact and helped with the booking, we assume no responsibility for the activity.


Here we are recommended (in German):

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