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This it how it works:

  • Step 1: You send us a non-binding booking request (see below).
    Step 2: If there is something unclear, we will contact you for details. If everything is set, we will send you an e-mail with the confirmation. Please cancel the reservation in case you won’t attend the activity.
    Step 3: You pay directly with our partners in cash. Its a special price thanks to our network.
    Step 4: We provide you with all relevant information and are available for further questions until the day you have an unforgettable experience with our partners. If you liked it, we’d be really happy to receive a voluntary contribution for our work. You can pay via our paypal-button on our website*.

We stand for social and fair tourism and hope to extend our network.

*Note: You can pay by PayPal, by credit card or by bank transfer.

Booking Request


Important contact information:

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Choose the tours you want to book:

Favelatour through Vidigal with Felipe (3 hours, flexible time of the day, from R$120/30 Euro/Person)

Cooking class in Vidigal with Fábio (2,5 hours, from 5pm, R$110/32 Euro/Person)

Dancing class with Hélio (4 hours, from 7pm, R$180/52 Euro/Person)

Next Steps

1) Soon we will answer you with an e-mail. If you prefer to be called, please tell us your phone number:

2)If you liked it, please help our project with e voluntary contribution.