Kultour in Rocinha with Catarine

Rocinha – the largest favela in Latin America? Whether this is true or not: it is huge. And there is a lot to discover here: insights into life in Rocinha, a number of social projects, a few movements of Capoeira, the graffiti of “WARK” and, with some luck, a conversation with the graffiti artist himself: Marcos Rodrigo.

Local guide Catarine offers the “Kultour Rocinha”. Suitable for all those who have a particular interest in life in a favela and the social movements in this context.

How to get there: From Copacabana about 30 min. By metro (R$4,30) to São Conrado/Rocinha station (line 4). For an extra charge (60 reais/2 pers.) Catarine can pick you up at your hotel in Copacabana/Ipanema/Leblon.


tion: Daily, time and duration – flexible, total tour time 1.5-2 hours or 2.5-3 hours

Cost: 100 Reais (around 30 Euros) per person

Reservation:  Make your booking request HERE on this website

Catarine, born and raised in Rocinha, speaks German and gives you an authentic insight into a completely different side of Rio/Brazil – when compared to the likes of Copacabana & Ipanema: a true inspiration for visitors to the city who have a special interest in the “Favela Culture” of Rio de Janeiro.

Catarine will pick you up at the exit of the São Conrado / Rocinha Metro Station, giving you a fascinating insight into a place you could not discover on your own nor via a guided tour led by an external guide who unlike Catarine is not resident of Rocinha.

We begin, high up at the top of Rocinha. Away from the busy main roads, into some of the narrowest streets you could imagine, you will discover a place that not so many people have spoken or written about. Catarine tells the impressive story of her home and life.

Since 2011, Rocinha has been a “pacified favela”, which has resulted in a large police presence. But what does this mean for its inhabitants, how has life changed? This situation has become a significant aspect of Rio de Janeiro’s history, a history which can be understood a bit better with a visit to Rocinha.

Graffiti from WARK

In addition, you will have the opportunity to receive some interesting lessons of Carioca culture: the tour passes “Wark Studio” one of the country’s most well-known graffiti artists “Wark”, whose graffiti is spread all over Brazil, Rio and especially Rocinha. If his studio is open, you’ll get the chance to talk to him in person. For our athletes: the capoeira group “Acorda Capoeira” trains every day. They give a small introduction and – for a donation – a brief training session.

Acorda Capoeira

Where the government is absent, there are often social institutions that take over social projects and initiatives. Rocinha is one such place – many social projects have been privately organized. Caterine participates in one such project; at the NGO “Amigos da Vida”, where she offers free German classes. A visit to her NGO is part of the Kultour. Also, in the lower part of Rocinha there is the surf school “Rocinha SurfEscola” which offers surf lessons and other activities for youngsters from the neighbourhood.