Trip into nature and history: Quilombo Cafundá Astrogilda

Hike, waterfalls and Quilombo Cafundá Astrogilda: This day trip is the perfect mixture of nature, history, culture and sport.

In Vargem Grande, a suburb of Rio de Janeiro, located in one of the largest urban national parks in the world: Pedra Branca State Park. Here you can discover the
Quilombo Cafundá Astrogilda. Quilombos are residential settlements, which served as a refuge for slaves that escaped slavery. Today their descendants live here. The origin of the existence of this residential settlement Cafundá Astrogilda, as well as many other Quilombos in Brazil can be traced back 200 and 400 years; yet they remain a blind spot of Brazilian history.

The history of the African slaves, who had escaped slavery at that time was very vaguely documented and was mainly passed on by stories told from elders to the younger generation. A visit to Cafundá Astrogilda is a true lesson about this important part of the Afro-Brazilian past. Along with the hike to the village through wonderful nature, a chance to bath in the waterfalls close by and learn about the ever-present ecological cultivation at Cafundá Astrogilda are all reasons enough for a visit.

The community members of Cafundá Astrogila open their doors and talk about the past of their people, show their ecological cultivation, serve traditional food from the products grown there and explain the environmentally friendly methods of their farming. A rich, informative and relaxing program surrounded by nature.

The members of the Quilombo speak mainly Portuguese. Therefore, we provide an individual who will accompany you and translate. Due to the traffic of the city and the routine of this Quilombo’s residents we only offer this trip on Sundays and holidays.


Meeting Point: In Copacabana or at the hotel with the translator; Bus ride (public): approx. 1.5 hours.

Days/time/duration: Only Sundays or holidays, 08:00 – 18:30 hours

Cost:  200 Reais per person + lunch (around 25 Reais)

Reservation: Make your booking request HERE on this website.


  • At 08:00: Meeting with the translator in Copacabana or at the hotel (Copacabana / Ipanama / Leblon / Botafogo); Bus trip (local public transport): approx.
  • 09:30 am:  Hike to the Quilombo (40-60 min).
  • 10:30 am:  Lunch reception with products locally grown, walk through the village and to the waterfall
  • 13:00 pm:  Lunch (approximately R$25, to be paid directly to the restaurant).
  • 30 pm:  Continue of walk through the Quilombo.
  • 164:15 pm:  Hike back to the bus stop and then return by bus to Copacabana.
  • 18:30 pm:  Arrival in Copacabana

Recommendations: Swimwear, sun protection, mosquito spray, good shoes, water, rain jacket (depending on weather forecast).