… a platform for discovery and mutual learning across national and cultural borders!

Activities & impressions of lifestyles and cultures as well as stimulations for an exchange of knowledge and ideas.

In different countries, we develop  projects that contribute to intercultural exchange and provide authentic insights.

In Rio we work closely with locals to organize activities for tourists, new people in the city and other curious people. Activities that stimulate mutual exchange in different places around the world.   Some activities can be easily booked through this website. Others are self-organized. Some simply serve as inspiration.

There is also a video project in which locals in different places around the world talk about themselves and provide tips for visitors.

In Germany, a project is getting started, in which refugees and Germans jointly develop journalistic content.

Important: The consideration of social and cultural aspects is very important to us. We want to appreciate local structures and contribute to a respectful exchange between people.

Very simple, transparent and fair for all sides. Have a look, get inspired, give us feedback and above all: take part!

We are looking forward to meet you!



P.S .: We’ve started in Rio, are now continuing in Hamburg and are considering many other places in this world.



O Kultourwith Catarine opens the eyes for another reality of Rio! We participated and loved it. Thanks for the cooperation! Here you get more information.

Meet a stranger

1st – 3rd august 2017 (Rio de Janeiro) Our first experiment was successful! We invited a bunch of people to registrate to meet other unknown people to drink a coffee our a beer. Our partners waited with some surprises And we also participated. Thanks to all the participants! 21 inscriptions 14 persons participated for real …

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